Songs by Mike Zeiders honor our families

Mike Zeiders, Founder and Chairman of the Board for Quality of Life Foundation, has written two songs honoring military families. The first, “Take Care of My Family”, honors the families we serve through our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program.; families who provide full-time care to a veteran at home. Mike not only wrote this song, but is the guitarist as well.

Debbie Schulz

Who Will Care For The Caregiver?

On April 19, 2005, Debbie Schulz of Friendswood, Texas, got the call every parent of a service member in Iraq and Afghanistan dreads. Her child had been wounded. When she hung up the phone, in shock, all she knew was that her son was considered to be “VSI”, an acronym that she would later learn meant: “very seriously injured.”

P.T.S.D. - Not all wounds are visible

What is PTSD?

Many families enrolled in our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program include veterans who live with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  PTSD occurs as the result of exposure to traumatic events. People who go through just one horrible event (i.e., a physical attack, a devastating natural disaster, a car accident, etc.), can develop PTSD. However, warriors who have served in combat zones and have experienced multiple life threatening situations or have seen friends or enemies killed, have a higher likelihood of developing PTSD. The following article was written by Brannan Vines, the proud wife of an OIF Veteran
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