People…what we’re all about

  A caregiver currently enrolled in our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program (WVFCP) reached out to her Family Support Coordinator (FSC), James Howard, with a last-minute urgent request over the Christmas holiday, and here’s what she had to say…. “I just wanted to take a moment to thank QOLF and especially James Howard…you guys are amazing. I had to have emergency oral surgery over the holiday and wasn’t sure where else to turn since my dental insurance had already met the cap for the year. I knew everyone else was away for the holiday and probably wouldn’t even get my
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Donation from Zeiders Enterprises

We recently received a generous donation from Zeiders Enterprises. This most recent contribution will enable us to continue our mission of improving the Quality of Life for wounded veteran family caregivers! During the holidays, many Zeiders employees also chose to make a charitable donation to our foundation. As over 70% of Zeiders employees have a first-hand affiliation to the military, we are honored to have been one of their chosen recipients, and appreciate their recognition of the important impact of our efforts. We would like to thank Zeiders, and the employees of Zeiders, for their continued support of military families!

Collaboration with Renovating Hope

Quality of Life Foundation is fortunate to be able to work collaboratively with many great nonprofit organizations in taking care of our wounded veteran families. We were recently contacted by one such organization, Renovating Hope. Renovating Hope shared that they had been contacted by an individual who wished to give $4,000 to be used exclusively to help caregivers. We gratefully accepted this gift, and expended the funds to benefit 19 veteran caregivers. Below are a few highlights from this generous gift.   Our thanks to Renovating Hope, a very kind and thoughtful donor, and as always, our families, for sharing
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From the Hospital Room to the Bedroom

In December, the Quality of Life Foundation attended a conference hosted in Washington, DC by the Bob Woodruff Foundation dedicated to addressing the issue of intimacy after injury. In this groundbreaking two day event, the first of its kind to take on these issues, caregivers shared their deeply personal experiences with struggling to regain physical and emotional intimacy with their veteran-partners as a result of trauma sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as fears and challenges with starting a family post-injury. These experiences ranged from struggles to regain emotional connection following the horrors of war, physical intimacy limitations due
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