Points of Life Conference on Volunteering and Service

On June 27-28, Quality of Life Foundation Executive Director, Rachel O’Hern, attended the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service in Detroit, Michigan, sponsored by the Bob Woodruff Foundation. The two day event featured presentations on the future of volunteers and ways to increase the amount of volunteers and their impact on those around them. Rachel participated in a forum designed to allow a cross-sector audience to hear the unique struggles of caregivers in order to inspire the volunteer sector to address these issues in their communities and join the many existing efforts that serve our country’s hidden heroes.
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Family looking at their home

Home in a Box

    Mold…Invisible, Dangerous, and Non-replaceable   The Quality of Life Foundation recently teamed up with Furnishing Hope to coordinate a “Home in a Box” for a family of 8 from Chesterton, Indiana. The family was in need of all new furniture and linens due to mold challenges in their home. Because the family is living on a fixed income, they could not afford to replace the furniture all at once. With the help of the family’s Family Support Coordinator (FSC), Sharon, and Beth Phillips from Furnishing Hope, they were able to provide the family with a “Home in a
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Super FSC Sharon Lavier

  Congratulations to our June Super FSC, Sharon LaVier!  Sharon recently worked with an Army veteran family of four struggling to manage the many demands of caregiving.  Sharon was able to coordinate camping equipment for some family recreation time, a deep home clean to help the caregiver hit ‘reset,’ home organization supplies to allow the family to build sustainable systems going forward, child care, extracurricular activities for a minor child, and mental health support.  Kudos to Sharon, “a really great advocate for caregivers, veterans, and children alike” in the words of a caregiver!  

Finding Strength

  Where are you located? I am the mother, full-time caregiver and 14-year health care advocate for a 100% service-connected Navy veteran son. Ken and I reside in Jayess, Mississippi, a tranquil, rural area of Walthall County, where regardless of real or perceived adversities, we awaken each morning to the songs of joy espoused by numerous species of birds, the foreign murmuring of numerous insects and a “ribbit” or two from a lonely frog. I believe the “Fowl Choir” serves to encourage and substantiate that the universe is unfolding each day as it should. However, regardless of the songs attesting
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Quality of Life Foundation – Not Just a Program

From a Wounded Veteran Caregiver “Quality Of Life was not just a program, it was a group of people that empathized with our situation and were there every time we needed support. There were times where we just needed someone to talk to and there was always someone there to listen. Most importantly their commitment, professionalism, and determination always showed through all of the assistance they were able to help with, especially during our time of need.”