Month: May 2017

A Road Less Traveled

Caregiving is a journey of at least two people— the caregiver and the care receiver. It’s not a race to the finish. There are detours, diversions, and sometimes roadblocks. Sometimes your journey is a straight, flat four lane highway with light traffic and sunny skies; other times your journey is a winding one lane mountain …

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Once the Uniform is Hung Up

A Reminder from a Caregiver Please do not forget. As these wars have carried on now for over a decade, the toll from these wars will continue on for a lifetime. Every veteran is different and their level of ability to function will vary. Demand these veterans get the care they so desperately need and …

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Month of the Military Caregiver

May – is the month of the Military Caregiver. It is incumbent upon all of us to remember these invisible heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our wounded, ill, and injured veterans, their families, and their communities. Oftentimes, it is the Caregiver who ensures that a veteran gets out of bed, gets …

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