Doing it Alone – With a Little Help

Our military caregiver families are special. Oftentimes after multiple deployments and military moves, these families are accustomed to getting things done. They have mastered the art of negotiating difficult situations and there are few challenges that they are not ready to try to tackle on their own. Not to mention, the ability to take care of yourself, and secure your own quality of life, is fundamental to every persons’ feeling of completeness. For the most part, our caregiver families are doing it alone. Many come to the Quality of Life Foundation for support after years of trying to figure out
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image of a family walking in the rain

When It Rains

  It Does Not Always Have To Pour Our caregivers are often beset with challenges, many out of their control, some acts of God. What do caregivers do when challenges are out of their control and it seems there is no way out? They call on Quality of Life to find their rainbows. This caregiver’s family of six included the veteran, his spouse caregiver, and four minor children. The veteran served in the Army and deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007. As a result of this difficult deployment, the veteran was diagnosed with mental and physical health issues. These health issues
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