5 Signs of Caregiver Stress… and How Quality of Life Foundation Helps Make a Difference

CS3Fatigue; caregivers too easily find themselves constantly feeling tired and run down from the sheer volume of their many roles and responsibilities.



CS4Anxiety; caregivers are constantly worrying about tomorrow, next week, and next month. The kids, the bills, the veteran.  The ‘what if’ list is never ending.



CShomeSocial withdrawal; oftentimes caregivers feel as though ‘outsiders’ do not understand their life, and will skip hanging out with friends and social events and choose to stay home to avoid awkward explanations.



CS2Health issues; many times standard preventative care like dental cleanings and wellness checks fall by the wayside and high levels of stress lead to weakened immune systems, leaving caregivers with years of negative health impacts to eventually address.



CS1Lack of focus; forgetting details and struggling with concentration are hallmarks of a stressed caregiver and can create more challenges.




Quality of Life Foundation steps in, listens to caregivers biggest challenges and concerns, and creates an individually tailored plan to reduce stress and improve quality of life in the home.

This might include:

 Coordinating meal delivery service to take some meal planning and grocery shopping off the caregivers to do list.

 Gentle reminders to consider self-care like annual checkups, and supplementing co-pays as able.

 Finding age appropriate activities for minor children in the home like sports, art, or music.

 Professional organizing to help cut down the clutter and build efficient filing systems to prevent future pile up.


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