How Do I Feed My Baby, My Veteran and Myself


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We had the pleasure of working with an Army veteran family in South Carolina.  This family includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their minor son.  The veteran served in the Army and as a result of two deployments and exposure to several IEDs, he has been diagnosed with severe PTSD and TBI.  He requires substantial daily care from his wife.

The family recently moved from the state of Washington to South Carolina as they were selected to receive a mortgage-free home from another national nonprofit organization.  While they were very excited to be in South Carolina, the caregiver found herself with some challenges.

After the birth of her son, the caregiver was experiencing back and hip pain as a result of misaligned hips.  We were able to cover 12 chiropractic treatments for her and we are happy to report that she is feeling much better, in less pain, and no longer limping.

We also purchased pre-made paleo meals for the caregiver.  The Family Support Coordinator discovered through conversation, that the caregiver had lost nearly 40 pounds as a result of not eating.  She was nursing their son and because of his significant food allergies and intolerances, she is unable to have dairy, soy, corn, and gluten.  Between caring for her son and her husband, she has very little time to cook and prepare specialty meals.

The Quality of Life Foundation jumped at the opportunity to help and reached out to Grandcestors, to see if they’d be willing to help and sure enough, they provided their meals at cost to us.  This just goes to show that there are so many people willing to help in all industries if given the opportunity.

The caregiver reports that the meals have been a life saver and that she’s no longer losing weight and feeling much better.  The caregiver had no idea this type of thing existed – and reported that her husband who is a very picky eater has been enjoying the meals as well.

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