Our Mission


We seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and families who provide daily, substantial care for catastrophically wounded, ill, or injured veterans. We want to ensure that every caregiving family is recognized, accepted, and supported in their civilian community.


Help Caregivers

balance their desire to care for their injured loved one with their need to care for themselves and the rest of their family. The Quality of Life Foundation is for Caregivers.


Our Core Values



We establish genuine relationships with the families we serve founded on trust and compassion, so that we can provide support with a clear understanding of the whole picture and best address the wide range of issues our families encounter.

Build Working Partnerships

with government, businesses, and community organizations that provide resources needed to help caregiving families achieve a healthy quality of life balance.





We are fortunate to co-exist with many organizations, resources, and programs dedicated to serving the veteran population. Whenever possible, we explore and connect with resources that could benefit our families to avoid duplication of existing services.

Create Awareness

through a broad range of media, that caregiving families are with us  in our communities and that they deserve the continued support of a grateful nation. (They deserve our support.)





We are honored to have the opportunity to help these most deserving families improve their quality of life, and seek to reflect that in every interaction.