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The Quality of Life Foundation, Inc. and Azalea Charities want to give special recognition to the following for their participation in providing an accessible home for SPC Jay Briseno USAR (R) and his family. This build project was a collaborative effort of over 80 different organizations – an effort that started September, 2010, when Frank Lasch of Azalea Charities and Kim Munoz of the Quality of Life Foundation met Jay’s parents for the very first time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Frank and Kim had one goal in mind; to see if they could provide some relief to these tireless caregiving parents. They knew that Jay had been shot in Iraq at point blank range in the
back of his neck and now required 24/7/365 care at home. His wounds had left him blind, paralyzed from the neck down, speechless, unable to swallow, dependent on a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube to deliver medication and nourishment. Joe and Eva revealed just two very basic needs; an accessible home for Jay and in-home nursing help to cover night shifts. Kim told them QoLF could help them find additional in-home nursing help and Frank, without hesitation said to the Brisenos, “We are going to get you a home!” Additional resources for in-home nursing help were found and the promise of an accessible home for Jay was fulfilled on September 29, 2014 at 1:00pm.

Helping a Hero.org, headquartered in Houston, TX assumed the lead role of the build in June 2012. After a long and exhaustive search, Frank and Kim found a local custom builder willing to take on the project – Classic Concept Builders. Helping a Hero.org then contracted with Classic Concept Builders, purchased the lot, and held a ground breaking ceremony in February 2013. Since that time, together with Classic Concept Builders, Azalea Charities and Quality of Life Foundation have been recruiting local businesses in the home building industry to participate in the project through discounted materials or labor and/or pro-bono services. The local community responded with over $570,000 in donated materials and labor. As a result, the Briseno family will be moving into their custom, fully accessible home with a wide open floor plan, roll-in shower, lift system, therapy room, and two main level master bedroom suites. This home will not only improve Jay’s life, but also make caregiving a little easier for Joe and Eva.

Azalea Charities and Quality of Life Foundation are grateful to the businesses and individuals who donated their time, talents, and resources. This home is a gift from them – a gift that honors the entire family’s sacrifice and service to country.

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