Collaboration for Caregiving Families

We recently had the privilege of assisting a mother of two young children, and wife providing care for her Army veteran. While in Iraq, he was wounded in combat by a bomb blast resulting in a number of visible and invisible wounds. This caregiver came to us for assistance for her husband’s health needs. While we are not able to purchase medications and health supplements directly, we assisted with the family’s car payment in order to free up their budget to purchase the vitamins he needed out of pocket.

After she and her QoLF FSC further discussed her unmet needs, we provided sessions for the caregiver at her local health and wellness center which left her feeling renewed and energized, and provides her with the serenity that she is seeking in order to cope with her husband’s injuries and the care of two small children. Another need the caregiver expressed was help with her child’s pre-school tuition, so we partnered with the Pentagon Foundation who provided financial assistance for the tuition payment at his pre-school.

Because of the severity of the wounds her husband has, an indoor sauna had been suggested by his health providers as a means of therapy for him. The FSC reached out to the Semper Fi Fund and we again teamed to purchase a portable indoor sauna that provides specific therapeutic care for him.

Lastly, because the fixed income of most wounded veteran families often does not allow extra money for luxuries, this family had not been out to dinner together in a while. We were able to provide an evening out at the caregiver’s favorite restaurant for the entire family.

On behalf of our grateful nation, we appreciated the opportunity to give back to this caregiver of a wounded Army veteran and their family for the sacrifices they have made in service to our country.