Florida Caregiver Shares Her Story

florida Where are you located?

I am located near Tampa, Florida


Where did your Veteran receive Medical Treatment?

My husband and I have moved quite often. He has received treatment in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida Veteran Affairs. Most being in Florida.


Which branch of service is your family affiliated with?

United States Air Force


Please share how you came to be a caregiver.

I came to be a caregiver through the Miami VA. We had no idea about the program until they told us about the program there. I help him with everything to include his medications, reminding him to take a shower, to tying his shoes. It can be very overwhelming at times.


How has caregiving impacted your day to day routine and your personal life?

It is extremely hard at times. People don’t understand what being a caregiver entails for our husbands. I think most people believe it’s something most people take for granted and most take [caregiving] for granted as something that should just be done for a loved one.


Besides caring for your veteran, what other interests/jobs/passions do you pursue now? What are your personal interests?

I love taking care of my house. I love interior  decorating. I also enjoy landscaping our yard. Our house is our pride and joy. My husband and I have never owned a home till now so I truly take pride in that and I truly want to take care of it and make it as beautiful as possible. I also love going to the beach.


How has QoLF helped you to renew your passion in your interests or to change something to improve your quality of life?

They have truly helped me accomplish this. I have been able to beautify my home in many ways with the help and blessing from QoLF. I truly believe it would have taken us 20 plus years to have done these things without them. Words can’t express how we as a family feel about them.


Do you have a favorite inspirational or motivational quote?

Do unto others as you would want done to you.


What advice would you give a new caregiver?

There is a lot of help out there if you look for it.
What you do is extremely important and you deserve everything you receive.


What would you like to tell the average American?

That our Service men and women have given the Ultimate Sacrifice. We should honor and respect them. Not all wounds are physical/visible…Never judge a book by its cover.