Furnishing Hope Does It Again!


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The Quality of Life Foundation was contacted by a mother and caregiver who was seeking assistance for her daughter, a 23-year Navy veteran who retired from service following her diagnosis of cancer and other serious medical conditions.  The mother and caregiver moved from Maryland to California in 2011 to assist her daughter with daily living tasks and transportation to numerous medical appointments.  This relieved the veterans’ husband who had resigned from his employment to assist his wife.  The family was in dire financial debt and the veterans’ husband needed to find employment to supplement the family income.

One of the primary requests was the veteran’s need for a mattress that adjusted to meet her comfort level throughout the night.  She sleeps with several pillows under her neck and back to alleviate discomfort.  She would like an adjustable mattress that would eliminate the need for the many pillows she requires.  Due to the high cost of this type of mattress, the family indicated that they were unable to afford to purchase this item without going into further debt.

QoL contacted Beth Phillips with the California-based organization, Furnishing Hope, a privately funded non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping severely wounded heroes who are transitioning from the hospital to civilian life.  “… though they have roofs over their heads, their houses are often empty – literally no furniture or comforts. Through the efforts of a volunteer staff, including volunteer interior designers, Furnishing Hope transforms their empty spaces into peaceful, comfortable homes, complete with furniture, new mattresses, bedding, kitchenware, etc.  All of this is provided at no cost to our wounded heroes…”

Beth immediately responded to our request for help and offered not only to provide a queen size Tempur-Pedic mattress, but also said they would provide the adjustable based bed frame as well.  The value of this bed is approximately $4,500.00.  In addition to the mattress and bed frame, Furnishing Hope is going to provide all new bedding linens.  Last but certainly not least, Furnishing Hope inquired whether the veteran needed any additional items for her bedroom and is willing to provide these items as well if it is within their scope.

QoLF is proud to partner with Furnishing Hope to make this veteran’s life more comfortable!


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