Giving Life

Oftentimes, organizations work to meet the basic needs of the Caregiver; the necessities of life. But what happens when the necessities, as defined by the Caregiver, do not align with the traditional perception of a need i.e. food, housing or respite? How many organizations truly interpret the identified “desires” of a Caregiver, as perhaps, a true “need” for that Caregivers emotional or psychological well-being? Through the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program, we work to help Caregivers improve their quality of life, as the Caregiver defines quality, based on the Caregivers definition of their needs, to help them feel complete.

Running marathons is the caregiver’s stress reliever and outlet. She runs several throughout the year in different locations. When she is gone – her sister who lives 3 hours away stays with her husband. The sister has been doing this for 7 years now, and doesn’t get paid anything. CG would like to be able to pay her for her support. This is the only person she feels comfortable leaving with her husband and the only person her husband feels comfortable with.

Want to pause my day and say Thank You to Angie Pearce and Quality of Life. I reached out to her and from the first conversation she gave me hope. As a caregiver we often think people really don’t understand. I was able to share my heart and desire.

Quality of Life is a foundation that truly produces Life.

Caregivers work tirelessly, in the shadows of their wounded veterans. Oftentimes, they feel unheard, unappreciated, and ignored. This is not the case when a Caregiver comes to the Quality of Life Foundation Wounded Veteran Family Care Program. Our Family Support Coordinators, help Caregivers to identify and prioritize their most pressing needs, as they define their needs and what is most significant to them, and then we engage; working to resolve, or dramatically mitigate, those challenges. It is the goal of the Quality of Life Foundation to help the caregiver regain a bit of themselves back and rediscover their own passions once again.

For this caregiver, the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program gave her Life.