Halos not stars

Super FSC, Sharon Lavier, listens to her caregivers and works hard to find unique solutions to their needs.

Sharon Lavier, a Family Support Coordinator here at Quality of Life Foundation, recently began working with a wounded veteran caregiver. This young woman, whom Sharon describes as a spectacular mother of six, provides daily substantial care for her childhood sweetheart, who is now a wounded veteran. She recently wrote a review in response to the work Sharon has been doing on her behalf. Below is what this caregiver had to say about QoLF’s “Super FSC”:

“There needs to be an option for a Halo instead of stars. They are listening with a genuine heart. It has been a long time since I felt as though anyone really cared or even wanted to know if I were ok. No one has ever tried so hard to help my amazing, large, unique family. Most people respectfully run away from the complication that is our lives and this organization with their Super Women Sharon and Sarah have ran straight into the middle of it. I wish it were possible to squeeze the pudding out of someone through the phone. I would give this organization 5 Halos if that were an option, but since I must settle for stars they are a five all the way!”