Holiday Blessing

Join us as we look to have the sky covered in snowflakes of services!

Our families come to us with a particular set of challenges. However, at this time of year, we recognize that it will not be long before the holidays will be upon them and many of their minds will race with ways to brighten the lives of their children and not disappoint the hearts of innocence and the eyes of youth.

With that said, we are beginning our Holiday Blessings campaign and are asking you, our partners and friends, to consider making a donation that will not only help Quality of Life Foundation meet the Immediate Needs of Caregiver Families but will extend into the future and help us meet the Long-Term Needs of Caregiver Families that is certain to have an Impact that Lasts.

Join us this season as we look to have the sky covered in snowflakes of services to the families that QoLF supports. We are expecting a blizzard this season and hope that you share in the fun with us.snowflakebuttondonate