Home Sweet Home

From the Caregiver:

“I cannot use enough words to tell you how thankful (we) are for your help with our lawn/flower bed project. We would never have been able to do this on our own. It brings me so much joy to look out my front door now. I keep opening the front door to look at the beautiful flowers and plants. I was embarrassed about how our lawn and flower beds looked before. It made me sad to pull up to our house. Now I can be proud and feel happy that this is the way it looks now. Thank you for what you do. We appreciate more than words can say.”

Thank you”


Home ownership is one of the great American Dreams. For a military family that has served and sacrificed much during the commission of that service, that should not be a dream for them but a REALITY.  To be able to experience this dream with pride for a job well done: saving ones’ money and making good, sound financial decisions regarding ones’ income, should be the ultimate REALITY. However, the pride and sentiment is deferred, and perhaps dampened, when you look out onto a mess of weeds and overgrown foliage and you have no way to make it better. A caregiver’s job is 24/7 devoted to the veteran and to the home – much beyond this can be exhausting as these alone can virtually take every waking moment.

That the Quality of Life Foundation, Wounded Veteran Family Care Program was able to provide assistance for significant landscaping to restore the beauty to their yard thereby helping them to once again take pride in their home, and enjoy their piece of the American Dream, is our goal.