Quality of Life Foundation

One of the greatest roles we have is to identify opportunities for community-based organizations and service providers to connect with local wounded veteran families in a meaningful way.

In Kind Donations Support Our Mission To Help FamiliesHere is an example: A caregiver for a combat wounded veteran, and mother of 3 school-aged children, was overwhelmed by the many responsibilities she faced. In addition to needing tutoring for two of her children, she expressed a need for a professional organizer to help get their home in order after making multiple moves over a period of three years. She needed help getting organized and establishing a system to stay organized to help the whole family function better in the home. We researched local businesses and found a licensed and insured professional organizer near the family. We called the business, explained what the family was going through, and asked for pro-bono or discounted services. The owner of the company immediately responded with an offer to provide pro-bono services and within a month the family home was organized and had a system in place that improved the quality of all of their lives. The organizer suggested a custom designed closet system would help even more, so we reached out to a local closet store which donated the materials and labor to install a custom system. The family was grateful and the business owners were happy to have been able to use their specific talents in a way that truly helped this wounded veteran family.

If you are a licensed and insured business owner and would like to sign up to be contacted in the event a Wounded Veteran Family in your area presents a need that your business might be able to meet, please complete the In-Kind Donation Form and we will contact you to discuss opportunities!

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