Meal Delivery Pilot Program

With the generous support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the Quality of Life Foundation was able to extend a pilot meal delivery service program to each of the 30 new wounded veteran families enrolled in our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program.  Twenty-six (26) families elected to participate, with two of those electing to discontinue the program at the midpoint.  Our midpoint and close out survey data indicate that stress levels were somewhat decreased, energy levels somewhat increased, and family bonding over a shared meal to be significantly increased.  No change was indicated on sleep quality.

A selection of caregiver feedback is included below, gently edited for clarity and grammar.

We really love getting the Blue Apron meals. It saves us money, takes away so much stress for me to get home and figure out what to start working on for dinner, and has really been a pleasant surprise of how much my husband wants to help and these meals have become a great bonding opportunity. 

This has been a wonderful option. It would be perfect if it was one of the services that let you have some choices on your meal selections like hello fresh. It makes it easier to choose meals the entire family would eat. However this is great and helps my husband with cognitive skills by following the recipe.

I just thank you greatly. It’s been awhile since my husband has cooked with me.

With my husband’s health and having to juggle our kids and his appointments, this takes a huge load of me by not having to make trips to the grocery store.

This was wonderful in all! My children even loved the meals as much as myself and my husband! We are very grateful and loved how easy it was on me when it came to preparing the meals. As it didn’t take as much time in doing and gave me more time to spend doing duties in the house ect. 

This was a fun experience! We enjoyed seeing the delivery, working together to make the meal, and how it helped financially, as well as took a burden off of me for meal planning. Thank you so much for this generous gift!! 

This was a great idea and made a huge difference in both our QOL and it helped my husband’s self-esteem because he was able to help fix the meals. His TBI interferes with the location of ingredients and following directions. This gave us the chance to work on both so in a way it provided some OT/PT as well. 🙂 

It was cool for both my husband and I. We loved making the meals together.