Meeting the Long-Term Needs of Caregiving Families

The support and care that QoLF provides to our families transcends checking off the boxes of needs as identified during the initial assessment. At the time, shutters seemed like an odd request however, understanding that the family lived in Florida, and not knowing the full scope of their past experiences, the FSC explored possible options.

The FSC was able to coordinate assistance for the family who provided their services at no cost to us or the family. Imagine our surprise when:




In total, QoLF spent $1,888 to support this family, however the total estimated value of support was $15,331. This is the value and impact of the QoLF program model of service coordination. We know for certain the safety and security that the shutters gave them as they faced incredible circumstances awaiting that tremendous storm, months after our involvement with the family. However, our ability to quantify our impact at that time was limited and we could only account for the immediate outcomes:









This recent email shows us the Long-Term Impact that Quality of Life Foundation has on the families we serve and how we dramatically impact their lives—not just for that moment, but for a lifetime.