Month of the Military Caregiver

May – is the month of the Military Caregiver. It is incumbent upon all of us to remember these invisible heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our wounded, ill, and injured veterans, their families, and their communities. Oftentimes, it is the Caregiver who ensures that a veteran gets out of bed, gets to their doctors’ appointment, attends their counseling session, and is present for the parent/teacher conference or school performance. It is the Caregiver who completes the applications, claim forms, and appeals for benefits. It is the Caregiver who creates a new normal for their household, and ensures that amidst the turbulence that envelopes their new life, that the children are fed, cared for and still performing well in school, that the veteran knows that their sacrifice is not in vain and they will be supported through their rehabilitation, and that the new normal and the future of their new lives together, can be just as joyous and beautiful as the past.

So this month, let us all remember the sacrifice of that veteran, of that family, and the amazing job of that Caregiver – and say Thank You for your service to a Caregiver.