A Much-Needed Break


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When tragedy strikes, our caregivers find themselves thrust into unexpected and unknown situations. These situations may be short-term but could become a new way of life. One thing is for certain, the new circumstances create stressors that are incredibly difficult to handle. The stressors can be so tremendous that at times the caregiver will neglect themselves, their own doctors’ appointments, their own interests, their own needs, for the benefit of the veteran or the children.

We recently received a note from a veteran caregiver who despite feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, they found their way to the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program and we were able to give them back a piece of something that they lost. We were able to give them a much-needed break.

“It has been a year since you helped our family. As we packed up this morning to go camping, a deep sense of gratitude was felt all around. You asked me what we really wanted to do as a family to enjoy life more, I answered- camping! And that’s exactly what we have been doing since you helped us last year to get all of our camping gear! We went to Big Basin and Lake Tahoe and Yosemite last year and today, we return to Big Basin as our first of many trips this summer!

You have made a huge difference in our lives! And I reap the rewards of your kindness every time we go out camping and I see my calm peaceful husband sitting by the campfire and the smiles on my children’s faces because they love it! Thank you so very much.. this has changed our lives in so many ways forever:)”


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