Once the Uniform is Hung Up

A Reminder from a Caregiver

Please do not forget. As these wars have carried on now for over a decade, the toll from these wars will continue on for a lifetime. Every veteran is different and their level of ability to function will vary. Demand these veterans get the care they so desperately need and deserve. Also, if you are blessed to know a caregiver or a veteran realize that while initial healing periods have passed, they are not completely healed most of the time. A dinner or an offer to go out together goes a long way. We often feel like we live on the outside of society, our lives don’t fit in with our civilian counterparts a lot of the time. Even if we cannot make it, feeling included means the world to us. Most importantly, please do not allow stigmas around the invisible wounds continue. These men are not dangerous and unpredictable, they are injured versions of who they were and we trusted them to protect us and serve us. They are still selfless, proud heroes and deserve just as much respect as we had for them when they were in uniform, now that the uniform is hung up.