Partnership Changes Lives

This family of 5 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and 3 minor children. The veteran served in the Army NG and deployed to Afghanistan. The veteran primarily has invisible wounds and requires daily caregiver support from his spouse.

The caregivers’ elderly parents had to move. In support of their elders, the family incurred all of the expenses associated with the move. However, this act came with significant financial consequences as they had not anticipated how expensive it would be to move their parents. This resulted in the family falling behind on several of their own household bills while facilitating and compensating for the move.

To compound the situation further, the family found themselves reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and being without power for 10 days.

Through funds from the Quality of Life Unmet Needs Fund, combined with resources from Salute to Veterans, Inc. and the PenFed Foundation, we were able to cover several mortgage payments

All the while, there were children in the home who needed the benefits of extra-curricular activities and uniforms.

The collaboration between partners enabled the Quality of Life Foundation to support this family above a level that we were able to support alone. The collective efforts helped to avert a foreclosure which would have meant incredible disruption for the family.

The Quality of Life Foundation welcomes the partnerships of other not-for-profit veteran and caregiver organizations, as together, we work to create a more stable and sustainable improved quality of life for these families that have sacrificed so much for us all.