Playtime is Funtime


Generally, when you think about oral health, you presume the care recipient is an adult, surprisingly this is not always the case.

We worked with a caregiver and mom of three whose husband, after multiple deployments where he experienced injuries from IED blasts, returned home with severe invisible wounds along with his physical injuries. This caregiver supports her wounded veteran around the clock as they negotiate his catastrophic injuries. The amount of support this veteran requires prevents the caregiver from working outside of the home.

The family had several needs, but the most important need to be addressed was that their 4-year-old son desperately needed dental surgery after having serious infections in his mouth. Unfortunately, the family could not afford the patient portion owed after the insurance payment. As a result, the family would have to wait until they would be able to cover the balance before they could proceed with treatment.

Once again, the skill of our Family Support Coordinators and the value of our partnerships was on full display as we were able to collaborate resources to cover the balance for the son’s dental surgery.

Being able to smile again, and for a young child, to run and play, and not be teased, is simple, but critical, quality of life issues, that go to the core of every individuals’ emotional, psychological, and mental development and well-being. The Quality of Life Foundation has had the opportunity to assist caregivers and family members improve their oral health, increase their self-esteem, and to smile again – and for that, we are humbled and thankful to our partners who help to make it possible.