Quality Family Time

From the Caregiver:

“Dear Angie,

I hope my email finds you well today! I would like to thank you and the Qolfoundation for our golf clubs. They arrived on Monday and by Wednesday we were on the golf course soon as my son got back from School. It was such a beautiful moment for my family and my clubs are light and just perfect for my hands.

Thank you so much for making Golf even more enjoyable for us! Now we can get out more and enjoy Golf as a family.

Thank you so much!”


When your veteran comes home with a visible or an invisible wound, the idea of “family time” can be changed forever. Figuring out a new normal will become a way of life. Some things that the family enjoyed may not be practical activities anymore, the veteran may have lost interest in Scrabble due to a TBI which now causes cognitive deficits or playing flag football may no longer be an option in the case of a severe back injury.

Whatever the circumstances, and the ensuing outcomes, through the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program, QoLF is committed to helping families find a new normal to enjoy Quality Family Time in a new and exciting way once again.