Renovating Hope Caregiver Grant

RH_IllustrationSome of you may recall a story we shared earlier this year of a generous anonymous donor who wanted to recognize the tremendous personal sacrifice of caregivers of military veterans.  The same individual has recently reached out and offered the generous opportunity again to caregivers currently enrolled in Quality of Life Foundation’s Wounded Veteran Family Care Program, and with the help of our outstanding FSC’s we have successfully coordinated for special treats for 12 caregivers.
Here are a few highlights from this most recent gift:

Rotunda West, FL
A family of 5 including the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their 3 minor children.  The veteran served in the Air Force and served one deployment to Iraq.
In April of this year, both the veteran and the caregiver required surgery.  With the caregiver feeling pulled in several directions, she needed a laptop to do paperwork and for crafting, relaxation, and helping kids with homework.
Due to the family’s limited budget the caregiver rarely spends money on herself, and so we purchased a laptop for this caregiver.

Coleville, WA
A family of 4 including the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and two children, one of which one has special needs. The veteran needs assistance for mobility and cognitive issues following an explosive device incident while deployed.
Since the caregiver needed to get away after this most recent round of surgeries and before the next round begins, we were able to provide the caregiver with a spa day to relax and rejuvenate.

Spanish Fort, AL
Family of 6 including the veteran, his spouse/caregiver, and four minor children.  Following two deployments to Afghanistan, the veteran struggles with a debilitating ankle injury and PTSD.  Although their wedding anniversary was approaching, the family is working with a tight budget, and didn’t think they would be able to enjoy their traditional celebration dinner.
We were able to provide the couple with a date night to maintain their anniversary traditions, and coordinate a floral delivery for the caregiver to celebrate the special occasion.

Goodyear, AZ
This family of 7 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their 5 children.  The veteran served three deployments with the Marine Corps, and following a medical retirement, the veteran requires significant daily care from his spouse.  With such high demands on the caregiver, we coordinated a spa day to allow her to relax and focus on self-care.

Madisonville, TN
A family of 4 including the veteran, his spouse caregiver, and their 2 minor children.  Veteran served in the Army National Guard and did one deployment to Iraq. The veteran currently requires daily care from his spouse following exposure to multiple IEDs.
We were able to provide the caregiver with a series of massages to allow her to relax.

San Diego, CA
This family includes the veteran and his spouse and caregiver. Veteran served in the USMC, and while deployed he was hit by an IED and suffered a TBI. He also struggles with PTSD, hearing loss, and memory and cognitive deficits.  She does all the planning and executing. In addition to being a caregiver, she works full time. Caregiver is struggling to juggle all of her responsibilities and feels like she’s not able to devote 100% to anything. Because she was exhausted and needed some pampering, we provided her with a spa day.

Sebring, FL
This family of 4 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their son and daughter. The veteran served in Iraq, has combat injuries as related to his time overseas, and requires oversight care from his spouse.
We purchased a gift card for the caregiver to enjoy a spa treatment of her choosing.

Valrico, FL
This family of 4 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their 2 minor children. The veteran has been diagnosed with invisible and physical wounds as a result of his service in the Army. He served two deployments in Iraq, received a Purple Heart, and now requires constant care from his spouse.
We purchased a spa package for the caregiver to enjoy some relaxation.

Kaukauna, WI
This family of 5 includes the veteran, spouse and caregiver and 3 minor children. The caregiver really needed to spend one on one time with their oldest daughter, so we scheduled hair and nail appointments followed by a mother-daughter lunch.

Our thanks to Renovating Hope for making this possible, a very kind and thoughtful donor for appreciate the self-sacrifice caregivers make, and as always, our families, for sharing your story with us