Smiling Again


“This is a picture I took right after I walked out of the dentist office with my new upper partial! Thank you so much for making this dream come true for me! It is something I have wanted for about ten years and never really knew if it would happen! I just want to smile all of the time now!! It is truly something life changing for me and I can’t thank you enough.”

The caregiver had been in need of significant dental work for nearly 10 years. This extensive work included two fillings, hygiene and both upper and lower partials. Dental care is expensive, and with little wiggle room, this caregiver resigned herself that she would probably not get the dental care she needed for many more years.

Many studies have shown that poor oral health can contribute to other health challenges for individuals; these issues include, but are not limited to, increased instances of cardiovascular and kidney disease, respiratory infections, diabetes, dementia, and arthritis. We all know that healthcare is not cheap, compounded by the fact that dental care is often at an additional cost. So, helping to support good oral health for these families, is promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, the Quality of Life Foundation was able to support this caregiver and working with her provider, get her the treatment she so desperately needed and desired.