Stylist for our Heroes



A few thoughts from Stylist, Lindsey O’Connell about her work for

Quality of Life Foundation families.


“I’m a social worker too”, I said proudly.

“Oh yeah, what do you do?”


“Oh my gosh, nothing!”

Now let me start by saying I am privileged and proud of being able to stay home with my children. I fully subscribe the “they’re only young once” mentality. The military initially made the decision for me, but I came to really appreciate seeing my babies every day and doing the mommy thing.

But when I answered this question, (to whom I cannot remember) I looked up and could NOT figure out where 7 years had gone.

I had been keeping a foot in the field with volunteering here and there; at agencies, church, etc. and attending occasional professional seminars, but those had all fallen by the wayside over the years as I focused on our family and eventually on my new in-home business (reselling designer clothing and accessories at my online store).

Now the conundrum: how to continue giving of myself and finding the time to do so. I explored many options, initially pursuing opportunities at hospice, my first true social work love. I was finding, however, that I could not dedicate the amount of time I felt was sufficient to do this in a meaningful way.

I then summoned my sweet neighbor and director of the Quality of Life Foundation, Rachel O’Hern, to propose an idea.

How could my business, and clear obsession with all things fashion, benefit her wonderful organization?

Brainstorming led to an idea of how to help take care of the awesome caregivers who do so much, everyday, to assist their loved ones, our most appreciated hero Veterans. How to make them feel or look special, even for just one day; a date night or special event. Or help their daughters have a special Prom night. I was even lucky enough to share my knowledge of and experience with starting a small business with an enterprising caregiver.

I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know the caregivers and family members, even if we are never to meet face to face. I even take the pride of a matchmaker when we are able to find the perfect ensemble to help them feel fabulous.
Who knows where this will all go, but I know that I’ve found an honorable and infinitely worthwhile organization with which to figure it all out.

Our thanks to Lindsey for getting our caregivers interview ready, helping children be outfitted for school productions and even assisting a caregiver start an online store and make her first sale!