Super FSC Andrea Sawyer

Congratulations to February’s Super Family Support Coordinator, Andrea Sawyer! Andrea has recently worked with a United States Air Force veteran family with three minor children who came to us struggling to maintain their lawn and concerned about resulting potential HOA fines.  Both the veteran and his wife deal with physical injuries that prevent them from caring for the yard themselves, and lawn care service fees were outside their budget.  Andrea coordinated with a local nursery to get the current issues under control and new more manageable landscaping installed.  Additionally, throughout the course of working with the family, Andrea learned that the tires on their family vehicle were bald, and the children needed eye exams and glasses.  In the process of addressing these unmet needs, she reached out to additional organizations to leverage existing support rather than duplicate existing services.  All told, Andrea reached out and connected four collaborating organizations to resolve four unmet needs and as a result this family will be in a much stronger position going forward.  Great work, Andrea!