Super FSC Angie Pearce

From Angie – The swim spa was probably the most challenging need that I have been able to meet as an FSC. The caregiver has thanked me on many occasions for being there for her and her family. I think it made things a lot easier for her knowing that she wasn’t alone – that she had an organization that was there to support not only her veteran, but her whole family. With this swim spa, the family is looking forward to some quality family time with their veteran in their own home without the distraction of constant pain.

Congratulations to our May FSC of the month – Angie Pearce, who has been with Quality of Life Foundation for a full year now!

Angie has recently worked with an Army veteran and his family referred to the Quality of Life Foundation by their VA Caregiver Support Coordinator.  This family of 6 includes 3 minor children, an adult daughter, the veteran, and his spouse-caregiver. The veteran served in the Army and Army National Guard, and deployed several times to Iraq as well as other parts of the world. Over the course of several deployments, he was exposed to combat and IED blasts.   Additionally, while training for his last deployment to Iraq in 2010 , he injured his back, requiring multiple surgeries and resulting in ongoing chronic nerve pain.

His wife/caregiver requested Angie work on:

  • Making sure that her 3 minor children were not left behind and finding activities for each of them
  • A wheelchair lift for their vehicle to be able to transport his wheelchair
  • The biggest need was an in ground swim spa for veteran to be able to continue hydrotherapy

Unfortunately, Quality of Life Foundation was unable to assist the family with activities for their children.  The veteran had a set back and caregiver asked to put that on the back burner because she felt that she wouldn’t be able to transport them to and from any activities.
The need for a wheelchair lift was met by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs through Angie’s advocacy efforts.
The spouse/caregiver asked for help with an in-ground swim spa for the veteran so he would be able to continue hydrotherapy and manage his pain. When they lived in Minnesota previously, he would meet a therapist at a local hotel and exercise in the hot tub. Since moving to Florida, he has not been able to continue this therapy, either through the VA or a local provider. Having a swim spa in their home would allow him to do therapy every day, as it’s difficult for him to travel from the home.fam

Beginning in July of 2014, Angie reached out to several different pool and spa companies to solicit a discount or a donation for the purchase of the spa for the family, as well as other organizations who might be willing to help defray the cost.  Ultimately, Quality of Life Foundation was able to help this family with the purchase of their in ground swim in  March 2015, with the help of the TD Foundation, an individual donation, Olympus Pools and our own unmet needs fund.
Thank you, Angie, for a year of excellent work on behalf of Wounded Veteran Families!