Super FSC – from a caregiver

My family is forever grateful for you, The Quality of Life Foundation, Paul with Renovating Hope, as well as to the countless number of donors.

Sharon you have been without question a huge help to me, simply by listening and offering advice or just a listening ear. It has always been a challenge for me to open up about “personal” issues. I greatly appreciate you bearing with me for so long and then allowing me a safe place to finally be able to open up. It means more then words can ever express.

My family and I don’t want for much, our needs are minimal. My children are very considerate and understanding. We support each other through struggles to the best of each of our abilities. But it was through you that we were all able to see, (my daughters included), that we may feel the weight of the world on our own shoulders but we do not bear the weight alone. There are amazing people in this world that care about us.

Thank you so very much for everything!!