Super FSC Traci Via

Congratulations to our July FSC of the month – Traci Via, who recently rejoined Quality of Life Foundation after taking a leave of absence.  We are thrilled to have Traci back on the team!

Traci has been working with a Marine veteran and his family, who found the Quality of Life Foundation when searching for support online.  This family of 4 includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their 2 minor daughters.  They were looking for help obtaining a riding lawn mower, as the spouse – caregiver did not have the energy or time to keep up with their lawn.  Due to the veteran’s physical injuries a push mower was not an option.

Traci reached out to several businesses to solicit a discount or a donation for the purchase of a riding lawn mower for the family.  After many phone calls and much research, Traci spoke to the owner of Budd’s All Tractor, who said he would love to help and offered a generous discount.  After a few days of coordination, the Quality of Life Foundation purchased the riding mower using our Unmet Needs Fund and it was delivered to the Marine who will now be able to help care for the family’s home.

When we asked if the owner would like to see his business recognized, he responded, “No, this is out of compassion for our vets, not for the business that I have.”  Thanks to Traci’s determination and Budd’s All Tractor, this Marine Family is able to care for their lawn for this summer and many to come!


*Riding lawn mowers are one of our most common requests and also one of the most challenging to locate collaborative funding or discounts for.  If you would like to help provide a wounded veteran family with a riding lawn mower, reduce their stress, and improve their quality of life, you can  make a donation and add ‘riding lawn mowers’ in the comments section.*