Quality of Life Foundation - Kready Family

Businesses, non-profit organizations, and private foundations of all sizes contribute to the well-being of wounded veteran families in a variety of ways through their support of the Quality of Life Foundation. We often seek in-kind donations of goods and/or service from businesses that are proximate to where a Wounded Veteran Family lives to meet a unique and specific need. Without fail, we have found that all are appreciative of our outreach and most are eager to give back to veteran families.

We also make it our practice to reach out to other non-profit organizations who provide goods or services that Wounded Veteran Families need and collaborate with them to coordinate delivery of solutions to stated needs. We’ve recognized here those businesses who have provided grants, cash donations, or in-kind goods and/or services via our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program over our last two fiscal years. Thank you from all of us at the Quality of Life Foundation, and from the families we are privileged to work with, for your generous support! Working together, we are making a big impact, one family at a time!

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