Taking It For Granted

As we go through our days on our cellphones, IPAD’s, and our other personal electronic devices, that facilitate access, ease paperwork, and make rapid response a given, it is easy to forget, or not even have a notion, that many people do not have these simple devices to make their lives easier. In some households, there are not any computers, or an internet connection at all. For some children, the only computer they will touch will be the one in their schools.

Computers and technology are not a given a given for everyone—it is, in so many instances, a privilege. Oftentimes, our caregivers do not experience privilege, they are existing with just their basic essential needs being met.

This caregiver provides Tier 3 level care to her 100% disabled veteran suffering from invisible wounds.


Completing ANY government form on your cellphone?

This is the life and experience of this caregiver and yet, they never asked for assistance, the caregiver just made-do with the resources she had at her disposal.

Luckily, through the superior quality of care provided by the QoLF staff, our family support coordinator gleamed that this caregiver had to resort to completing every form for assistance, every application and referral by using their cellphone.

Already knowing the answer, the FSC asked the caregiver if she had a computer or laptop? Reluctantly, she responded, “No”. The question continued and the FSC asked “wouldn’t a computer help you out?” The caregiver, so accustomed to be second, responded, “I make it ok, it is no big deal.” But the FSC, you, and everyone else reading this, knows that it was a big deal and the thought of suffering through the magnitude of a government application on a cellphone was unimaginable.

Finally, the caregiver reluctantly agreed to allow QoLF to take care of her. QoLF purchased the caregiver a laptop. But more than that, QoLF did what we do best – improved the quality of life for a caregiver and family through meeting them where they are at, and fulfilling a need that made a dramatic impact for them.

Not taking anything for granted the Caregiver shared:

At my 7 year mark as a Caregiver one think I had started to repeat to myself, does anyone know my needs. I have been meeting many needs not just to my husband but to others as well.

It may seem like a small to some, but to me My IPAD is like receiving a million dollars .There are no words to describe my joy and appreciation.

Thank you Quality of Life and all involved.

I am forever grateful and so appreciate all your help.