Thank you, Kim Munoz

Kim Munoz has spent the last six years building the Quality of Life Organization from the ground up as its first Executive Director and will now continue her work as a member of the board of directors.  In her time as director, Kim researched and authored the Wounded Warrior Family Care Report by listening to the real life stories of care-giving family members, reviewing congressional hearing testimonies and pending legislation, analyzing existing government and non-profit supports, and talking with case managers and other care providers.  She designed and implemented the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program – our three tiered model of service delivery that leverages federal and local community resources to best serve families of severely injured veterans.   Kim’s recognition of the needs of veteran families, and vision for solutions to tough challenges have impacted hundreds of lives for the better.
Her quiet support coupled with compassion for veteran families, along with her personal enthusiasm, professionalism, warmth and generosity, have shaped and defined the Quality of Life Foundation, and we look forward to her continued influence from her new board position.  Congratulations, Kim, on your new chapter.

The Quality of Life Foundation has selected Rachel O’Hern to succeed Kim in the Executive Director role, and is looking forward to continuing our service to care-giving families.