The Little Things Make a Big Difference

Home is the place where we expect the cares and burdens of everyday life will be lifted just enough to get ready to tackle another day. But, we rarely take time to appreciate the things that make our lives easier, the burden lighter. And when those things are suddenly out of reach, we realize what a big difference they make in the quality of our lives.

Imagine seeing your spouse in unrelenting pain every day, or realizing that thereís not enough money to pay the bills, or having to travel miles to send a simple fax to apply for resources. These were the challenges facing a family who recently reached out to QOLF for assistance.

The veteran suffered injuries that left him with PTSD and constant pain in his legs, severely impairing his mental and physical abilities. Hydrotherapy greatly reduces his pain and anxiety, but the nearest pool is 45 minutes each way, making a daily trip impossible. Recently, upon returning home from dealing with a family emergency, the caregiver found that the veteran had depleted their checking account, leaving no money for groceries or monthly payments. She contacted QOLF.

QOLF purchased a portable hot tub, and the veteran now enjoys the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of his home. QOLF helped them financially by providing money for groceries, and mortgage and car loan payments. QOLF also contacted organizations that could provide a permanent hot tub or pool and bought them an all-in-one printer, which the caregiver is using to complete applications. In a recent email, the caregiver expressed her gratitude for the assistance received:

“…(He) LOVES the hot tub!!!!!  He is in it throughout the night several times and says it has helped so much!  The heat (107 degrees) helps ease some of the pain inside the knee joint itself.  (He) can stretch out and has it all to himself.  You guys are amazing!!!!!”

A printer, a small hot tub, financial assistance to avoid late payments. The little things that QOLF recently provided one family and the big difference it made in their lives.