The Power of Partnership

Our veteran families experience tremendous challenges when they are presented with catastrophic injuries that fundamentally alter their life. The Quality of Life Foundation is able to assist the caregivers and families of these severely injured, ill, and wounded veterans through an elaborate network of supporters, donors, corporate and individual partners. In fact, did you know that for every $1 donated, the QoLF is able to leverage $3 in direct services in support of a veteran family? These leveraged funds can be in the form of in-kind support, waived fees, or an actual matching donation. The common strand is that all the monies are a result of Partnerships.
Monthly, you, our readers and supporters, will read a story about a veteran family that the QoLF has helped, how the support of the QoLF has changed and improved their lives—ultimately improving the quality of life for the veteran by adding to the social, emotional and psychological health of the family. Oftentimes, hidden in the emotion and sentiment of those stories, are organizations, businesses, and donors—Partners—who help the QoLF make a difference in the life of those veterans.
Recently, through the wonderful work of our FSC Sharon, a family was identified as being in need of a therapeutic bed. Recognizing that our existing partnerships for beds was on the west coast and this family was in the Midwest, Sharon began to look for other manufacturers of this specialized bed system. She came upon a small family owned manufacturing business, Saatva. Upon hearing the mission and purpose of QoLF they quickly offered to support this military family and to honor their sacrifice. It turns out that we received the mattress, boxspring and delivery for less than 50% of the cost of the bed alone.

I could also tell you about the family whose sons wanted to play soccer. Unfortunately, the current family situation did not allow for an additional $500 in soccer fees and equipment for 3 little boys. However, through the power of Partnerships, the QoLF was able to reach out to its partner, the TD Foundation, and secured knee guards, mouth pieces, and money to cover league fees for the season for the children.

The Quality of Life Foundation is proud of the positive relationships and partnerships that we have forged with organizations, businesses and donors throughout the country committed to making a difference in the life of a military family, as we could not do it alone.

Please enjoy this month’s newsletter, and as you read the stories of help and support, remember our Partnerships with Grandcestor and Furnishing Hope. Please know that it takes all of us doing our part to continue to support our veterans and consider becoming a Partner with us today!