Welcome Home to the Briseno Family

Monday, September 29, marked a special day for the Quality of Life Foundation. We met the Briseno family in 2010 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and 4 years later, we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome them to their new, specially designed home that will allow for better quality of life for the whole family.

It’s been a long road since June of 2003 when then-CPL Jay Briseno was shot in the back of the neck. Jay suffered 2 cardiac arrests following his injury, cutting off his oxygen supply for several minutes and resulting in a brain injury that left him blind, paralyzed from the neck down, speechless, and dependent on a ventilator to breathe. A tube was also inserted into Jay’s stomach in order to administer his medicine, food, and water. AS a result of his injuries, Jay requires 24 hour care and substantial specialty equipment.

The new family home features a suite for Jay that will allow him to participate in physical therapy and continue his rehabilitation without the difficult and tiring trip to a hospital. The suite also includes an adapted bathroom that accommodates Jay’s unique needs, and will allow him to have his first real shower since his injury, and leave bed baths behind. The home provides additional monitoring options for Joe and Eva so they can care for Jay while regaining some of their own peace of mind.

This home is truly a community collaboration, with over 80 organizations contributing goods and labor. Quality of Life Foundation is proud to serve as part of this soldier’s support team, and wishes the Briseno’s nothing but the best as they settle in to their new home.

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