What We Do

“Sometimes no matter how well you prepare yourself, life decides to throw a few extra lemons your way. It was one after another, unexpected hurricane expenses, bills piling up, we couldn’t keep up. I expressed my concern…and in just a few emails things were taken care of. The bills we worried about were paid, expenses for the babies including a brand new crib we’re ordered. [Our FSC] handled everything so smoothly. It was like a heavy burden has been lifted. All I had to do was focus on my newborn, I can’t express just how much our quality of life changed because of your foundation. The most stressful time of our life, became the easiest thanks to you guys!”

Every day, the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program is making a difference in the lives of caregivers, their families, and the wounded, injured, or ill veteran that they are nurturing back to a healthy new normal. And then, the next day, our amazing Family Support Coordinators pivot, and help the next caregiver family. This cycle continues daily, without hesitation or stop, because the needs of our caregiver families do not stop, or take a break; until they find an improved quality of life, and a stable foundation, their lives are constantly in motion.

“Our family is very thankful for all that the Quality of Life Foundation did to help us out-without their help we would not have been able to get our new roof which we were in dire need of. Not only did they help us financially but they helped us secure assistance from other organizations and helped bring the entire project together. Thank you and your donors so much for everything!!!”

The Wounded Veteran Family Care Program provides high-touch support services to our caregiver families.

However, we cannot do the work we do without the committed and dedicated efforts of our Family Support Coordinators (FSC).

Our FSC’s are the core of our service model. The FSC’s not only find the resources and services for the caregivers and help them resolve their immediate challenges, but they identify these support systems in the local communities where the caregivers reside. After the identification and facilitation of services, the FSC’s provide the caregiver with the information, that in the event another challenge arises, they have the tools to tackle it themselves, independently; this is the difference that results in long-term impact.

Our FSC’s empower our caregivers and for that we thank them.

Our thanks to the Bob Woodruff Foundation for providing the the funds to work with this caregiving family.