Why Green?


Green is for growth


In a month known for leprechauns, shamrocks, and green beverages, perhaps you’ve wondered why Quality of Life Foundation uses green rather than the red, white, and blue traditionally associated with organizations dedicated to American service members and veterans. The answer? Our green represents growth, healing, and revitalization – all things we strive to make possible for the caregivers we serve. When a family member is catastrophically injured, it can be easy for a caregiver to get stuck in a stagnant place, or even survival mode. Personal growth, interests, and pursuits become low or non-existent priorities. At Quality of Life Foundation, we do whatever we can to bring some focus, freedom, and fresh new opportunities to caregivers of severely wounded, ill, and injured veterans.

Slainte, or good health, to you and yours,

Executive Director
Quality of Life Foundation