There are many organizations out there that help veterans, but not nearly as many that help those caring for our veterans.

DRT Brings Game-Changing Technology to QoLF

DRT’s Technology Transformation team modernizes Wounded Veteran Family Care Program with newest, cloud-based approach to data management, data analytics and data visualization. (reprint of original article at DRT Strategies, Inc. (DRT) (, a leading management and technology solutions firm, announced today that the company’s Technology Transformation team designed, built and implemented its enterprise business intelligence solution, providing data management, data analytics and data visualization, for the Quality of Life Foundation, the national organization that through the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program, supports families who provide substantial care to severely wounded, injured or ill veterans. To deliver the cloud-based and
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Collaboration for a Caregiving Family

Stuck Have you ever dreamed of being stuck in quicksand? You struggle vigorously to move through the suck of the mud. You feel your body in motion, your legs dragging one in front of the other, only to realize you have barely moved at all? Every day, every step— you struggle with moving from one room to another. Some veterans experience this struggle daily. Veterans arrive home after service with physical injuries that make their mobility a challenge, whether using a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair. Veterans and their families have to adapt to their new modes of mobility
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Holiday Blessing

Join us as we look to have the sky covered in snowflakes of services! Our families come to us with a particular set of challenges. However, at this time of year, we recognize that it will not be long before the holidays will be upon them and many of their minds will race with ways to brighten the lives of their children and not disappoint the hearts of innocence and the eyes of youth. With that said, we are beginning our Holiday Blessings campaign and are asking you, our partners and friends, to consider making a donation that will not
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How Do I Feed My Baby, My Veteran and Myself

    We had the pleasure of working with an Army veteran family in South Carolina.  This family includes the veteran, his spouse and caregiver, and their minor son.  The veteran served in the Army and as a result of two deployments and exposure to several IEDs, he has been diagnosed with severe PTSD and TBI.  He requires substantial daily care from his wife. The family recently moved from the state of Washington to South Carolina as they were selected to receive a mortgage-free home from another national nonprofit organization.  While they were very excited to be in South Carolina,
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give to wounded veteran military family caregivers

The Power of Partnership

Our veteran families experience tremendous challenges when they are presented with catastrophic injuries that fundamentally alter their life. The Quality of Life Foundation is able to assist the caregivers and families of these severely injured, ill, and wounded veterans through an elaborate network of supporters, donors, corporate and individual partners. In fact, did you know that for every $1 donated, the QoLF is able to leverage $3 in direct services in support of a veteran family? These leveraged funds can be in the form of in-kind support, waived fees, or an actual matching donation. The common strand is that all
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Furnishing Hope Does It Again!

  The Quality of Life Foundation was contacted by a mother and caregiver who was seeking assistance for her daughter, a 23-year Navy veteran who retired from service following her diagnosis of cancer and other serious medical conditions.  The mother and caregiver moved from Maryland to California in 2011 to assist her daughter with daily living tasks and transportation to numerous medical appointments.  This relieved the veterans’ husband who had resigned from his employment to assist his wife.  The family was in dire financial debt and the veterans’ husband needed to find employment to supplement the family income. One of
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Family looking at their home

Home in a Box

    Mold…Invisible, Dangerous, and Non-replaceable   The Quality of Life Foundation recently teamed up with Furnishing Hope to coordinate a “Home in a Box” for a family of 8 from Chesterton, Indiana. The family was in need of all new furniture and linens due to mold challenges in their home. Because the family is living on a fixed income, they could not afford to replace the furniture all at once. With the help of the family’s Family Support Coordinator (FSC), Sharon, and Beth Phillips from Furnishing Hope, they were able to provide the family with a “Home in a
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Help Our Wounded

Help Our Wounded has been partnering to help Quality of Life Foundation families for quite a while. Rosie Babin of Help Our Wounded, a wounded warrior caregiver herself, knows the ins and outs of the needs of the wounded, ill, and injured community and strives to help Quality of Life Foundation meet the needs of the families for which our organization requests assistance. Rosie meets each request with prompt attention and assistance, allowing for assistance with a wide variety of needs. When one of our own staff member’s wounded warrior was hospitalized, Rosie was there to help us provide assistance
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Meal Delivery Pilot Program

With the generous support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the Quality of Life Foundation was able to extend a pilot meal delivery service program to each of the 30 new wounded veteran families enrolled in our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program.  Twenty-six (26) families elected to participate, with two of those electing to discontinue the program at the midpoint.  Our midpoint and close out survey data indicate that stress levels were somewhat decreased, energy levels somewhat increased, and family bonding over a shared meal to be significantly increased.  No change was indicated on sleep quality. A selection of caregiver feedback
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