Our Mission

We seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and families who provide daily, substantial care for wounded, ill, or injured veterans. We want to ensure that every caregiving family is recognized, accepted, and supported.

Empower Caregivers

to advocate for their wounded veterans and themselves

Build Working Partnerships

with government, businesses, and community organizations that provide resources needed to help veteran caregivers achieve a healthy quality of life balance.

Create Awareness

through a broad range of media, that caregiving families are with us in our communities, and that they deserve the continued support of a grateful nation.

Core Values


We establish genuine relationships with the families we serve founded on trust and compassion so that we can develop a clear understanding of the whole picture and best address the wide range of issues our families encounter.


We are fortunate to co-exist with many organizations, resources, and programs dedicated to serving the veteran population. Whenever possible, we explore and connect with resources that could benefit our families to avoid duplication of existing services.


We are honored to have the opportunity to help these most deserving families improve their quality of life, and seek to reflect that in every interaction.

Our History

Mike and Charlotte Zeiders saw the need for support of wounded veteran caregivers more than a decade ago.

From Our Community Nationwide

"I’d love to have you involved with all my clients/families – but that’s being selfish. I appreciate what you do!"

VA Case Manager

"QoLF really goes the extra mile to help and I am very impressed with the organization."

Case Manager

“Every issue that I brought to you and the organization you all found an avenue to deal with it wonderfully.”

Caregiver of a Wounded Veteran

"You guys are doing an excellent job and I am so grateful to be able to work with this foundation."

VA Case Manager

"The service that this organization provides has been invaluable to wounded warriors and their families."

Teaming Organization

“I don’t know how, but you made things move and it seems all our prayers were answered in a single day.”

Caregiver of a Wounded Veteran

The service that this organization provides has been invaluable to wounded warriors and their families.

Teaming Organization

"I absolutely loved working with QoLF…anytime we had a problem You were able to make sure to find ways to help us out. We are now pretty well sustained without too many issues, thanks to the help we received."

Caregiver of a Wounded Veteran