New Maternity Clothes

A young family which includes the veteran Marine, his wife/caregiver, and 2 young daughters are now in the midst of expecting a baby brother or sister! The family is very excited at the prospect of this new family member; however, financial circumstances which were not the fault of the family have prevented the new mom from being able to purchase some of the necessary maternity items she desperately needs!  This is the caregiver’s first pregnancy as their 2 daughters are from another marriage, and thus, there were no former maternity clothes for her use. The Quality of Life Foundation provided this
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There are many organizations out there that help veterans, but not nearly as many that help those caring for our veterans.

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

Home is the place where we expect the cares and burdens of everyday life will be lifted just enough to get ready to tackle another day. But, we rarely take time to appreciate the things that make our lives easier, the burden lighter. And when those things are suddenly out of reach, we realize what a big difference they make in the quality of our lives. Imagine seeing your spouse in unrelenting pain every day, or realizing that thereís not enough money to pay the bills, or having to travel miles to send a simple fax to apply for resources.
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10 Year Anniversary

      “Not Just For A Moment, But For A Lifetime” “When it Rains, It Does Not Always Have to Pour” “Doing It Alone, With A Little Help”   All of these are stories of real life caregivers that the Quality of Life Foundation, through the Wounded Veteran Family Care Program, has been able to support over the past 10 Years. As caregivers have learned to negotiate a new normal with their severely wounded, ill, or injured veteran, they have encountered problems along the way. QoLF has stepped in to provide a safety net, reinforce a fragile foundation, and create a
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For A Lifetime

Impact for the Long-Term   At the Quality of Life Foundation, we provide support and services to help caregivers, veterans, and their family members improve their quality of life; this is the essence of our service model.  While improving the quality of life for our clients in their community, we strive to let them know that their sacrifice in service to our country is valued and appreciated. Each person’s definition of quality of life is dependent on his or her needs, desires, and aspirations. For one caregiver, improved quality of life is sleeping in a bed on a new mattress
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Doing It Alone, With a Little Help

      Our military caregivers and their families are independent.  After enduring multiple deployments, military families are accustomed to getting things done on their own. They have mastered the art of navigating difficult situations, and there are few challenges that they are not able to overcome. For many, our caregivers are facing their challenges alone. Caregivers come to Quality of Life Foundation for support after years of trying to map out a new normal in the aftermath of a loved one’s traumatic wound, injury, or illness. Our families are navigating the maze of government programs. These families need some
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Home Sweet Home

From the Caregiver: “I cannot use enough words to tell you how thankful (we) are for your help with our lawn/flower bed project. We would never have been able to do this on our own. It brings me so much joy to look out my front door now. I keep opening the front door to look at the beautiful flowers and plants. I was embarrassed about how our lawn and flower beds looked before. It made me sad to pull up to our house. Now I can be proud and feel happy that this is the way it looks now.
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image of a family walking in the rain

When It Rains

  It Does Not Always Have To Pour Our caregivers are often beset with challenges, many out of their control, some acts of God. What do caregivers do when challenges are out of their control and it seems there is no way out? They call on Quality of Life to find their rainbows. This caregiver’s family of six included the veteran, his spouse caregiver, and four minor children. The veteran served in the Army and deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007. As a result of this difficult deployment, the veteran was diagnosed with mental and physical health issues. These health issues
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A Much-Needed Break

      When tragedy strikes, our caregivers find themselves thrust into unexpected and unknown situations. These situations may be short-term but could become a new way of life. One thing is for certain, the new circumstances create stressors that are incredibly difficult to handle. The stressors can be so tremendous that at times the caregiver will neglect themselves, their own doctors’ appointments, their own interests, their own needs, for the benefit of the veteran or the children. We recently received a note from a veteran caregiver who despite feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, they found
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Collaboration for a Caregiving Family

Stuck Have you ever dreamed of being stuck in quicksand? You struggle vigorously to move through the suck of the mud. You feel your body in motion, your legs dragging one in front of the other, only to realize you have barely moved at all? Every day, every step— you struggle with moving from one room to another. Some veterans experience this struggle daily. Veterans arrive home after service with physical injuries that make their mobility a challenge, whether using a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair. Veterans and their families have to adapt to their new modes of mobility
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