Quality of Life Foundation | Helping Families

Below is feedback from Clients, Teaming Organizations, and Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense Case Managers regarding our work.

From Families

Sarah was fantastic and did her very best to help in every situation possible! We were so thankful to have her as our Family Support Coordinator!

We felt that the Nation as a whole had many connections. Many of these connections have led us to become active with online groups for support and volunteer work as well. It aided us to find support that we did not have previous to working with the QOLF.

Of all of the issues that I brought to QOL and asked for help with the one that I felt was the most pressing was assistance with dental work for me. I have not had dental insurance or care for quite some time and had a lot of work that needed to be done. Sarah and her team found a wonderful dental office that worked with me to set up a treatment plan that was completed this week. I am so thankful and happy that I breakdown each time I have told someone about Sarah and the QOL Foundation and what they were able to help me with. Not only am I pain free now but I will be able to regain my self-esteem and not have to be embarrassed when I have to speak to people. This is truly a gift beyond words.

It improved our life by providing us with connections, people, organizations, and online groups who have aided in us not being alone, given us aid in financial planning, counseling, and places for support. We have even been put in contact for a couple of free homes and one that may be awarded to us. We have gotten in touch with programs for aiding our relationship with our children, our own marriage, and with the entire family as a whole and all through the contacts provided in the short three month span of aid during our transition. The counseling in finances and in psychological help has taught us coping skills as well as how to prepare and face some financial hardships.

I absolutely loved working with QoLF…anytime we had a problem Jamel was able to make sure to find ways to help us out. We are now pretty well sustained without too many issues, thanks to the help we received.

Quality Of Life was not just a program, it was a group of people that empathized with our situation and were there every time we needed support. There were times where we just needed someone to talk to and there was always someone there to listen. Most importantly their commitment, professionalism, and determination always showed through all of the assistance they were able to help with, especially during our time of need.

The Wounded Veteran Family Care Program was a tremendous blessing to our family. They connected us with another organization that was able to help us with home modifications and also to our community. Without their assistance we would not be where we are today, as a family. They also helped us connect with resources in the community that provide ongoing and much needed support. We are very grateful that there is an organization providing support and care for us and others like us.

From Teaming Organizations

It was a pleasure working with your organization. We wish you the best!

We would love to assist any other veterans in need with discounted or either some free products based on the need.

Ya’ll are awesome!! Love your team!!

The Staff of Operation First Response is happy to partner with Qualify of Life Foundation to ensure the needs of those we serve are met.

The service that this organization provides has been invaluable to wounded warriors and their families.

From VA and DoD Case Managers

This family has been struggling with a number of issues and your support provided resources needed to help them.

QOL helped with groceries, medical bills, and many other needs, both financial and emotional support.

You guys are doing an excellent job and I am so grateful to be able to work with this foundation.

QoLF really goes the extra mile to help and I am very impressed with the organization.

This is a great foundation and we appreciate you all for all that you do!

I’d love to have you involved with all my clients/families – but that’s being selfish. I appreciate what you do!

The Quality of Life Foundation was very helpful in veteran’s time of need. We are so appreciative for all of their help.

QoL was able to provide assistance and resources that the veteran and family were not able to provide for self.

Sarah was wonderful in her support of helping this client and her family. She was great to problem solve with. She is a tremendous resource and a true professional.

This program was amazing in assisting the veteran and his family in getting reestablish in a new community. They went beyond the initial assistance requested of coordinating volunteers to help with the move and provide additional services to the veteran for over a year after the transition.

All are fabulous – professional, caring and resourceful!

Client very happy with your services and the support she received from all of you.